star wars 5th birthday party

it’s about time i post some pics from the twins 5th jedi training birthday party in february!

mr. mewie and i had fun with the theme.  i love finding things that have already been created and shared online like this banner.

we had a simple family party because the main birthday event was their first trip to disneyland!



what to do with a styrofoam wreath lying around and extra tablecloth scraps?  ha, make a wreath for the front door!

IMG_0094 2

do you see the leia’s in the background? :)


sweets table with themed cupcakes from sibby’s.


thanks auntie diana for loaning little leia your buns ;-)


sweet girls drawing on the glow pad.


kylie sporting her r2-d2 hat.


daddy came up with a star wars themed jeopardy game and the family had fun testing their jedi knowledge.


playing “loopin’ chewie”


a pile of padawan cousins!


we had a photo booth setup with mr. mewie’s green screen so we could create these fun memories with our guests.




she’s quite passionate about star wars like daddy.  often she is creating a costume out of my old scarves to look like the character rey (hasn’t seen the movie, but has read the books!)



and just like that, 5 year olds!

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Spring-ing for printables

i have been waiting for Spring, and when this popped up on my Instagram feed it instantly put me in a happy mood.

my favorite and easiest seasonal decor involves cute free printables such as these and swapping them out in a frame.

hop over here to grab the printable in any size you want.  thanks landeelu for creating this cute printable!



i love how she pairs it with a gold frame to make it pop.

keep your seasonal decor in a monthly file organizer and you’ll be set for year round decor that’s easy to swap in and out.

other spring printables below:

april showers


happy easter


st. patty’s day printable

Water color lucky printable

Happy Birthday JereMaya!

Today, the Mewie twins turn FIVE!  I can hardly believe it.


I’m so grateful for these two that made me a mama.  The road to motherhood was incredibly difficult, so I often sit back and think about how blessed we are because they most certainly are our answered prayer.  They are the best of friends and are always making each other laugh.  They fill our hearts with joy everyday.








Dear Jeremy,

Happy 5th Birthday to our sweet, sensitive and imaginative boy!  We feel so grateful to call you our son.  You bring us so much joy and laughter!  It’s no doubt you love to eat, your favorite dessert is mango sticky rice and you ask Mommy to make you pancakes everyday.  You love blowing me kisses as I leave your room at night – it’s hard to resist catching them over and over as I walk into the hallway.  You love going on adventures wherever you are and love being outside.  We love your laugh, your thoughtfulness, and the bravery you exude.  My favorite moments with you are when you’re sitting on my lap and we’re reading books together, when we get to have our slow dances after dinner, and our morning snuggles.  I love you so much, my baby Kai you’ll always be!






Dear Maya,

Happy 5th Birthday to our beautiful, hilarious, and passionate girl!  What a joy it has been seeing you grow and become such a little lady this year!  I often think of you as my young Belle, because your nose is often buried in books as you read.  We love your inquisitive nature, zest for learning, and the adoration you have for your brother.  You are quite expressive with terms of endearment, and always tell me you love me.  I often think you are so much like me, but it is especially sweet to witness the special bond you share with Daddy.  You will forever be our Sweet Love, my mini me.  Thank you for letting us see the world through your eyes, and for teaching us about love and life.  May your God given passions and beautiful heart be used as a light that shines in this world.  I love you, forever and always.



Year 4 has truly been our favorite.  So thankful for the plans God had for us as a family, we love you sweet kiddos!




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2017 printable calendar + goals

i love a cute and free printable calendar.  here’s the one I chose for 2017 to use at home – there’s just something more exciting about having a printed copy and being able to see what’s going on and coming up!



i love that she also has a free printable for 2017 goals too!  something to help us track how we’re doing and to remind us what we’re working towards.


pinners conference recap!

over a month ago i headed to the “pinners conference” in utah with my girlfriend k, we had a fun trip!


at the airport, and ready to get on the plane.  we were so overdue for a trip together.


day 1 at pinners.  we walked into the salt palace convention center and were wowed…there was so much to check out!




cutest advent calendar — but pricey!


so that’s what i’m doing?  good to know there’s a name for it!


our first class was a cooking class with lemon poppy inc.  we thought it was one of the better ones with yummy samples, and it was cute how the teacher had her parents there as her assistants!


our schedule was a bit intense with two full days of classes.  eventually, we stopped attending all of our classes so we could have time to walk around the various booths.


i worked hard on this little cactus piece with “all things thrifty“.


birthday card making with ‘paper pumpkin’ from stampin’ up, too fun!


one of the booths had little tags you could create and take, these are mine :)


the last class of my first day was brush lettering.  went all day from 9am-8pm!


cute signs everywhere!


we attended a braiding class the first day.  so k played around with my hair for our second day.


one of my favorite booths was “the wood connection”.  i just loved these adorable holiday blocks!


i spent some time creating these cute little gifts for christmas.  creating is a happy place of mine!


i was very excited to see “six sisters stuff”.  sat in the front row and everything. :)  i left disappointed with this one though…no giveaways, no food samples, and they were a bit of a ‘hot mess’ in the kitchen.  naturally, they said they are just “real moms’ trying to get food on the table (which i totally get).


cute trees!


this class with “bb frosch” was THE class i had to take.  and it was packed to the max with people!  this was the before part of my project…


and ta-da!  this class was a little stressful because everyone was trying to get it done in the class allotted time but i felt like i needed more space (we were packed in like sardines).  the frame is not perfect (the guys hammer together the side of the frame pieces for you), but i’ll never forget the meaning behind this sign.  the teacher shared that her son had committed suicide after struggling with depression, and the other co-teacher heidi swapp (who couldn’t make it last minute), also lost her son to suicide within months of each other.  they soon became friends, but she just wanted this sign to be a reminder for people to extend a hand, a hello, any simple gesture to anyone as we never know what people are walking through.


delicious dinner date with this one over heartfelt conversations on life and faith.  i’m thankful for rare moments like these when i share about my journey of faith and remind myself of what god has done in my life.


loved the zucchini fries.


this trip was so refreshing for me.  i loved having time to create projects and gifts too!

would i go back to the pinners conference?  absolutely.  one group of gals i wanted to see but didn’t get to were “The Crafting Chicks”.  wish Pinners would come to California!  maybe i’ll choose a different destination next year. ;-)


october flew by…here’s a look at what went on!


preschool days…they are so sweet when they yell out “mommy!” and run towards me when i pick them up.  i know it won’t last forever.  i need to record it!


curled up on the couch reading with our favorite usborne books.  have you heard of usborne books? ;)  if not, you should check them out!


a little bible reading…mom’s been trying harder to read more and do her bible study homework in front of the kiddos so it’s sweet when i find the little ones reading their bible too.


auntie rozzie stopped by with her annual christmas baked goodies, including delicious vegan madeleines and caramel candies for j!  she’s so on top of christmas in october!


jer had his routine endocrinology doctor’s visit and always has the best attitude.


all dressed up in costumes at cousin kali’s 1st birthday, and yes, they wanted to pretend to eat my dad’s costume because they love bacon. :)


some days, she’ll tell me she REALLY loves jeremy…she has such a soft spot for him.


happy birthday kali aka nemo!


happy 89th birthday to our wonderful bak bak (great grandma)!!!


cousin mari slept over for the first time and these girls had a blast.  they stayed up way past their bedtime and i even caught them in jeremy’s room while he was sleeping.  first sleepover memories. :)  the good thing is that ever since mari has slept over, the twins have stopped coming to our room in the middle of the night, staying put, and sleeping together in m’s room without waking until morning.  can i get an amen?


a taste of what triplets would be like for a day.  they had so much fun together.


we played halloween tic-tac-toe :)


we went to a harvest festival and the hello kitty paint job was looking okay until she got black eyes, haha.


love this little pumpkin.


pumpkin patch trip to uesugi farms with their cousins and in line for the hayride.


on the bumpy hayride.


just gorgeous.


annual friendsgiving early, loved this time with our brothers and sisters.  keeping the tradition alive even though some folks have moved out of state.  we share one thing that we are grateful for, and then a wish for next year.


delicious meal and since turkeys weren’t out this early in october, we were thankful for prime rib roast :)


halloween party prep…thankfully i had an extra pair of little hands to help me punch out all of the little pumpkins!


i also had some help with the mandarin orange cups.


some of the kiddos!


halloween is always a reason to party :)


guess who won best kid’s costume?  even with a missing belt and cape!


curious chris won best adult costume!!


our 80’s prom queen came in a very close second and won our chicken wing cookoff :)


we had all the “good feels” this halloween!


bingo time!  i think the adults had fun with this game. :)


dad was calling out the bingo cards and having fun too.


“pin the spider on the web” game.


audrey got it right in the center and was our winner :)


because when you have a lot of guests over at your house, you naturally decide to do homework.  my studious girl cracks me up.


carving pumpkins, jer decided he didn’t want to get his hands messy.


it’s always fun chilling with daddy watching star wars, while mommy gets things done.


once upon a time…there was a princess and her frog….prince!


“i just love trick-or-treating”. i just love this. my favorite holiday is trick-or-treating”.  :)


we trick-or-treated with friends after a tasty dinner.


halloween 2016 in the books.

fall flashbacks and halloweens past

we just took family photos yesterday, and these little sessions are always so special.


a flashback to my little guy enjoying sweater weather.


forever my bubs.  somehow i keep coming up with more and more nicknames for him.


their bond is so sweet.


he still snuggles with blue bear every night. :)




my sweet little moo.


baby cheeks are the best.


who needs treats when you have tasty fingers?


the “moo-ie clan” :)


their second halloween they were luke and leia.


princess leia x 2!


their third halloween as mickey and minnie….along with mikey and mindy mouse!


cute little mice!


elsa and olaf for their fourth halloween – it was nowhere near chilly and the first year they really loved trick or treating!

this year, we had planned a coordinated theme again but j decided to switch to something more exciting ;)  i’ll try to snag a pic of him in it anyway!

life lately


mod about this cutie, and we are mod about our lunch dates trying out new eateries.


with mommy and daddy’s anniversary, this one took it upon herself to dress up as a bride.  the minnie bow was her ‘tiara’ and notice the stylish blue train. :)


we celebrated with a steak dinner at home and smores for dessert.


we showed the kids our wedding video for the first time, and that was a fun start to the weekend.


we celebrated auntie k’s special milestone birthday over lunch and cake!  we love you, auntie k!


cousinly love.



great america family day for daddy’s work was a blast.  i’m afraid of heights and i totally flipped out on this ride not knowing it went so high.  haha.


he loved the ‘peanuts 500’ ride and went on countless times!


m wasn’t feeling this ride as much and was a little scared as it zipped you around as you turned the corner.


snoopy shirt, check.  snoopy’s ride, check.


bumper cars for the first time!


watching the performers at a show.


joe cool and jeremy cool.


pure joy coming off the slide.


first pretzel treat was a big delight!


when you’re super excited, because you get your first pretzel too!


what a fun and memorable day!  i was on bedrest the last time daddy took them, so it was special for me to experience this day with them.


we had the best time meeting uncle jay (daddy’s college buddy from guam) and family.  they loved playing with k.



reading with oldest sis k who was moving out to seattle for college.


1:1 date with mommy and he got to try his first cotton candy sample at the mall after playing some games.


daddy got to take maya on a date, such simple pleasures.


reading elephant & piggie books to cupcake the seal.  these two are obsessed.


so on a whim, we decided to make our own gerald the elephant + piggie puppets.


the boys chilling at auntie kristina and uncle todd’s house for their gender reveal party.


it’s a girl!!  excited for another girl cousin!


maya was on the winning “team pink”!


i can leave the room and come back to it in a totally different state.  these two certainly can be creative with their toy bins.


ballet all day everyday for this one.  she said the foot of her bed made a good ballet barre.


her twin brother gets to (has to) attend ballet class as she gets to be the teacher.


park time with their buddy josslin – they liked making their mamas dizzy on this one and then dramatically acting out being very dizzy and falling to the ground consecutive times after getting off.


playing at cousin b’s park after dinner.


the toddler life is good. :)

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compassion international + casting crowns concert

we have been partnering with compassion international for many years now sponsoring a boy in columbia.  when the opportunity arose to volunteer on behalf of compassion international at an upcoming casting crowns concert, i jumped on it.  i love casting crowns, some of their older songs really spoke to me when i was finding my way back to this thing called faith and having a relationship with jesus.


what a blessing this experience was.  sitting in an arena with brothers and sisters praising and singing, clapping their hands, and moving to the presence of God and what he’s done…to me, it’s just the best feeling.  i had so much time to just sit there, let my thoughts and the busyness from the day slip away and just be still.  stillness is what i long for each and everyday, yet it’s so hard to find a quiet moment.  to just be still.  and realize that this world we live in is much bigger than we imagine, that children all over the world have needs and a desire for someone to sponsor them and give them hope.  to instill in them the gospel and what it means to have everlasting life.

i’ve struggled with feeling ‘connected’ to our sponsored child at times, because we took over a sponsorship for my dear friend rather than choosing from the many children on the website.  the letters we write back and forth don’t happen as often as i’d like and there seems to be this space and feeling of discontinuity or flow between them.  how often have i prayed for this child or integrated more of his needs and prayer requests into our daily lives?  how often have i shuffled those letters to the side saying i’ll get to them at some point?

on the day of the concert, i really felt called to sponsor a girl.  and i wanted to find one from ghana, where my brother and sister-in-law are currently stationed on their missions trip.  on the night of the concert when i was handing out packets to interested parties, there were several requests for girls.  but it turned out i only had boys packets left to pass out on multiple occasions.  and then i started thinking, “what about the boys?”  “they need love too”.  and it so happens, i come across a little boy from tanzania who is born one day after the twins and his middle name is ‘jeremiah’.  and i think, i was suppose to be there that night to choose, bless and pray for this boy as he grows up.  i needed this heart awakening to follow god’s plans to give this boy a hope and a future.


there are many other things that could’ve stopped me from attending the concert.  tiredness.  busyness.  needing to do housework and chores.  wanting to just stay home and rest (which would’ve resulted in me doing more housework).  i’m so glad i went.  i had never attended a movie or concert before by myself, and this really felt so freeing and well, awesome.

i take a moment to ponder about the things going on in ‘jeremiah’s’ country and how there are child rights violations happening.  how that upsets me.  how this little boy should not have to worry or fear and be protected from those acts at the age of 4.  (thankfully they just raised the minimum age for marriage to 18 (was 15).  how i hope that his ability to be at church will give him that avenue towards wanting and pursuing more in his life and trusting in a god that can do immeasurably more.

thank you, compassion international and casting crowns, for allowing me to be a part of a night that provided the opportunity to be still, and that much more.


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