pinners conference recap!

over a month ago i headed to the “pinners conference” in utah with my girlfriend k, we had a fun trip!


at the airport, and ready to get on the plane.  we were so overdue for a trip together.


day 1 at pinners.  we walked into the salt palace convention center and were wowed…there was so much to check out!




cutest advent calendar — but pricey!


so that’s what i’m doing?  good to know there’s a name for it!


our first class was a cooking class with lemon poppy inc.  we thought it was one of the better ones with yummy samples, and it was cute how the teacher had her parents there as her assistants!


our schedule was a bit intense with two full days of classes.  eventually, we stopped attending all of our classes so we could have time to walk around the various booths.


i worked hard on this little cactus piece with “all things thrifty“.


birthday card making with ‘paper pumpkin’ from stampin’ up, too fun!


one of the booths had little tags you could create and take, these are mine :)


the last class of my first day was brush lettering.  went all day from 9am-8pm!


cute signs everywhere!


we attended a braiding class the first day.  so k played around with my hair for our second day.


one of my favorite booths was “the wood connection”.  i just loved these adorable holiday blocks!


i spent some time creating these cute little gifts for christmas.  creating is a happy place of mine!


i was very excited to see “six sisters stuff”.  sat in the front row and everything. :)  i left disappointed with this one though…no giveaways, no food samples, and they were a bit of a ‘hot mess’ in the kitchen.  naturally, they said they are just “real moms’ trying to get food on the table (which i totally get).


cute trees!


this class with “bb frosch” was THE class i had to take.  and it was packed to the max with people!  this was the before part of my project…


and ta-da!  this class was a little stressful because everyone was trying to get it done in the class allotted time but i felt like i needed more space (we were packed in like sardines).  the frame is not perfect (the guys hammer together the side of the frame pieces for you), but i’ll never forget the meaning behind this sign.  the teacher shared that her son had committed suicide after struggling with depression, and the other co-teacher heidi swapp (who couldn’t make it last minute), also lost her son to suicide within months of each other.  they soon became friends, but she just wanted this sign to be a reminder for people to extend a hand, a hello, any simple gesture to anyone as we never know what people are walking through.


delicious dinner date with this one over heartfelt conversations on life and faith.  i’m thankful for rare moments like these when i share about my journey of faith and remind myself of what god has done in my life.


loved the zucchini fries.


this trip was so refreshing for me.  i loved having time to create projects and gifts too!

would i go back to the pinners conference?  absolutely.  one group of gals i wanted to see but didn’t get to were “The Crafting Chicks”.  wish Pinners would come to California!  maybe i’ll choose a different destination next year. ;-)

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