Happy Birthday JereMaya!

Today, the Mewie twins turn FIVE!  I can hardly believe it.


I’m so grateful for these two that made me a mama.  The road to motherhood was incredibly difficult, so I often sit back and think about how blessed we are because they most certainly are our answered prayer.  They are the best of friends and are always making each other laugh.  They fill our hearts with joy everyday.








Dear Jeremy,

Happy 5th Birthday to our sweet, sensitive and imaginative boy!  We feel so grateful to call you our son.  You bring us so much joy and laughter!  It’s no doubt you love to eat, your favorite dessert is mango sticky rice and you ask Mommy to make you pancakes everyday.  You love blowing me kisses as I leave your room at night – it’s hard to resist catching them over and over as I walk into the hallway.  You love going on adventures wherever you are and love being outside.  We love your laugh, your thoughtfulness, and the bravery you exude.  My favorite moments with you are when you’re sitting on my lap and we’re reading books together, when we get to have our slow dances after dinner, and our morning snuggles.  I love you so much, my baby Kai you’ll always be!






Dear Maya,

Happy 5th Birthday to our beautiful, hilarious, and passionate girl!  What a joy it has been seeing you grow and become such a little lady this year!  I often think of you as my young Belle, because your nose is often buried in books as you read.  We love your inquisitive nature, zest for learning, and the adoration you have for your brother.  You are quite expressive with terms of endearment, and always tell me you love me.  I often think you are so much like me, but it is especially sweet to witness the special bond you share with Daddy.  You will forever be our Sweet Love, my mini me.  Thank you for letting us see the world through your eyes, and for teaching us about love and life.  May your God given passions and beautiful heart be used as a light that shines in this world.  I love you, forever and always.



Year 4 has truly been our favorite.  So thankful for the plans God had for us as a family, we love you sweet kiddos!




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