first day of school 2016


a few weeks ago, the twins started pre-k.  they are now considered the “big kids” in the busy bees classroom.  when this one grows up, she wants to be a princess. :)


meanwhile, this one told me he wanted to be darth vader.  not exactly where i was going with that question, but we were in a rush to get to school!


because photo shoots always go smoothly with 4 year olds. :)


love my sweet babies.  they are growing up so fast.


best buddies.


on school days, we have courtyard picnic lunches.  we were excited to reunite with our good friend miss ruth who works at the church on the same school property.


mommy packed a great lunch for them and just because it was the first day, i cut out little airplanes for their ham.  they told me that it was a classmate’s birthday (so of course they had all kinds of treats) and weren’t that hungry for lunch. (yay).


my leftovers for lunch in the car on the go.  don’t ask me what i was thinking putting it in a bowl and then a colander!  why didn’t i put it in a tupperware or a foogo container to hold it all in??  it held up surprisingly well.  #lifeofamomonthego


miss ruth used to be a kindergarten teacher so has lots of tips for mommy.  it’s always nice eating with her and catching up.


at 4.5, she loves books, ballet + tap dance, gymanastics, drawing, workbooks (homework), asking a ton of questions, and is a responsible little people pleaser because she loves doing chores (she loves surprising me and making my bed in the morning and will gladly do the same for her brother!).  she is one who experiences highs and lows at an “extreme” because she will reflect often on the “lows” (just like daddy) and can even cry again when thinking about them and retelling them to daddy.  she is definitely daddy’s girl and the boss aka “bigger sister”.


at 4.5, he loves books, star wars, pretend play (every morning he’s asking me to be the mommy animal), gymnastics, playing with legos, eating rice in all of its various forms (did someone say sticky rice?), humming star wars soundtrack songs, and doesn’t complain too often although when he’s tired he droops his little head to the side and walks around to show us he’s tired (and it kind of cracks us up).  he’s sweet, sensitive, and thoughtful.  he loves breakfast foods like mommy too.


waving goodbye to ruth as they saw her one more time.


wishing these little ones the best as they embark on another year of learning and growth!

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tenth anniversary + sf staycation

it’s crazy to think we’ve been married now for ten years.  i mean, we were just kids in our twenties.  and look at us now!  (people still think we’re kids).  haha.  i’ll blame the hubby for his youthful look….they must not see my grey hairs that are popping up everywhere!

so this was the beginning of “mewie”.  september 9, 2006.


babies.  i loved our wedding day.  a beautiful ceremony and amazing and fun reception dancing the night away with our family and friends.  we had our surprise in store for the “first dance”, i surprised mr. mewie with a hummer limo, my brother surprised all of our guests by breaking down when reading my appreciation letter to our parents saying “i feel like the luckiest girl in the world”, i threw in some surprises in our slideshow, father of the bride “uncle barry” showed us his dance moves, and so it’s no wonder why we look back on this day as one of the most memorable days of our lives.  although there are now things that don’t fit (wedding band + wedding dress), this day and those vows hold an even deeper meaning to me now.



marriage is hard work.  there are seasons where you thrive, and seasons where you’re praying to survive.  there are days where you’re on a healthy cycle of showing love and respect, and other days where you’re thinking you’re lucky if you can “co-exist” and hope the other doesn’t see your eye-rolling.  (guilty of plenty of that).  i was made with several flaws.  so was he.  we get caught up in expectations and often our own thoughts, comparisons, and desires.

it has taken commitment and complete surrender to god to reveal his intentions and blessings in our marriage, and god’s hand in carrying us through some of our deepest struggles and wounds.  we were made perfect in him.  we’ve had to find our way together through the tough times, but also prayed fervently.  what we found was a deeper connection, strength and peace.


a wise woman once said, “the greatest gift you can give to your kids is a strong marriage“.  i truly believe this and have my parents to thank for being a wonderful example to me of a strong marriage, and for inspiring me to always be seeking and loving the lord and serving others.


today, i celebrate ten years of marriage with my best friend and best soul mate a girl could have.  he has shown me grace, patience, faithfulness, love, forgiveness, kindness, and a special sense of humor that has endeared me and made me a better woman.  he has grown into being a dedicated husband and loving father, and i am excited to continue ‘growing older’ with him each day.  i love you, mr. mewie!  “when god made you, he must’ve been thinking about me”. xoxo, sweetest love

our staycation in sf was a sweet little getaway.



we enjoyed a delicious dinner after checking into our lovely hotel with a view.  ten years later, we have been blessed.


i love a good brunch and this was all so yummy.


we trekked to see the painted ladies.


marriage is a lot like taking a leap of faith, am i right?


it’s supporting one another’s endeavors (like walking miles and ubering with a new york driver!) just to get your wife to THE “full house” house and then taking a bunch of pics of her acting like a crazy person.


“everywhere you look….everywhere you go…there’s a heart (there’s a heart)…a hand to hold onto”.  to say my siblings and i were obsessed with this show growing up would be an understatement.  we proudly still quote the show til’ this day.


it’s laughing together and finding the best in one another (he was carded for ordering this drink and the waiter and staff were highly amused).  his t-shirt doesn’t help obviously. :)


it’s realizing that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you’re simply better together.

1 Corinthians 13:13 – “and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. but the greatest of these is love”.


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a pop of summer decor

i really wanted some summertime decor as i felt like my house was sort of lacking in that aside from some 4th of july decorations.  i came across an adorable popsicle felt garland on instagram and instantly fell in love!  i called upon my crafty and very skilled-with-anything-felt friend rozzie….and she blew me away by creating this popsicle garland for me!

not only is this adorable to have up, it’s reminded us to enjoy a good popsicle every now and then when it’s hot outside!  have you been to popbar yet?  they have so many yummy flavors!  i’ve only had peach and strawberry so far, but can’t wait to try the green tea one with kit kat!


here are some other cute options for summer garlands!

ice cream cone garland from paper source.


this one from land of nod just seems so fun with its pops of different and bold color patterns.


this popsicle one is so creatively made out of pool noodles!  oh, happy day….this definitely brings me some happy and makes me want to throw a popsicle party.


and if you don’t want to spend the money but aren’t necessarily against a little diy fun, look at how adorable this summertime fruit one is that you can print out and make!


i know summer is coming to an end, but i just wanted to share in case you want to get a head start for next summer ;-)

oahu 2016

this past july we had a wonderful week with family on the island of oahu.  it was our first time taking the littles and they’re still talking about how much they miss beautiful hawaii.

here are some highlights from our trip!


beautiful views.


we swam a lot at the hotel.


we took walks on the beach and watched the sunset together.




hanging out at the lovely aulani resort.


grandma gave maya a beautiful purple flower hairclip, and it happened to match her dress.


so grateful to grandma and grandpa louie who made it possible for us to vacation here and make such special memories!


someone hearts spam musubi.


cousins time is the best.


shaved ice treat at waiola’s.


we double dated on an adventurous waikiki food tour with mark and di.


beach time at the lagoon.


we love oahu!


feeding the koi fish at the hotel.


it was national dance day, so naturally, we celebrated.


this picture is a reminder of god’s faithfulness.  five years ago, i stepped onto this very beach after a devastating week coping with my first failed IVF cycle.  i struggled immensely with god’s plan for me.  they remind me of his miracles, of hope, perseverance, sacrifice and love.


maya drew all of these hearts to tell me that she loves me “so so so so much”.


heading home….we had three seats and then 1 across the aisle and this is how we sat.  it was a relaxing trip home for mommy!

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cuddle + kind handmade dolls!

i came across these super adorable cuddle + kind handmade dolls and loved what they are doing. for every doll purchased, they provide 10 meals to hungry children through their partner organizations, world food program + children’s hunger fund.


i mean, don’t you want to collect each and every one of them?? they’re so cute!



i am ordering pearl the mermaid for my daughter.  she has her birthday after all and has a special love for mermaids and braids!


i heart all of them.

Cuddle + Kind mermaids print

now, i typically don’t buy stuffed animals for my kiddos (they’ve gotten plenty as gifts!).  but, if i can help contribute meals to children in need while doing so, then i’m totally on board (while purging their stuffed animal collection).

Cuddle + Kind Chloe + cupcake print

a delightful bunny having cupcakes and leaving a little sparkle wherever she goes!

for more info on how to support cuddle + kind and purchase a doll or two, check out their indiegogo site here.  it looks like if you order now, it will arrive by the end of february.

i can’t wait to see my daughter’s reaction when she meets pearl.  i’m guessing it will be something like this precious girl below.


puzzle frame gift idea

homemade gifts are the best.  they allow you to personalize your present just as you’d like and there’s nothing else better than knowing someone spent time creating this special gift for you.

this simple picture frame idea was inspired because 1) my kids like puzzles, and 2) my mom aka grammy always tells them “i love you to pieces”.

the simple picture frame of her favorite twinsies.


what you’ll need:

jumbo craft sticks

puzzle pieces

string or ribbon (i used hemp)



wooden heart (from craft store)



my little guy helped me paint the pieces.  i wrote on the message, glued on the pieces and heart, and then attached the hemp on the back with masking tape.

voila…an easy project for loved ones for birthdays, mother’s day, grandparent’s day…any special day!

fall decor ~ easy fabric pumpkins

every holiday, i usually choose a little something to add to my holiday decor.  this year, it is my boo! pillow which i love.

i wanted to get a little creative, so i went to joann’s fabrics and bought some fabric with fun fall-ish patterns.

if you’re looking for a very simple yet fun piece of fall / halloween decor, you should try this one out!


i will need to switch out my summer tablecloth to my more festive fall table runner.

you’ll need:

toilet paper rolls

1/4 yard pieces of fabric

sticks and any twine / ribbon / embellishment you fancy


i basically just tucked the fabric into the center of the roll.

almost there…just need some finishing touches.  i had my daughter help pick some sticks from our backyard.


i just used some ribbon and twine i had on hand, but you could play around with all kinds of fun embellishments or just put in a stick and call it a day.

i have some sitting on my dining table as a centerpiece and the rest outside on my front porch with some scarecrows and my new pillow.


there you have it.  create some cute little pumpkins for your home this fall, they’ll be some of the cutest little pumpkins around.

a few years ago, i made these simple candy corn garlands from paint chips.



last year’s purchased item was this cute little owl.

happy fall ya’ll!

simple nutella brownies

i’m back.  it was a longer hiatus than i anticipated, but i’ve realized my need for baking therapy!

today i discovered the oohey gooey goodness of these simple 3 ingredient nutella brownies.  my daughter loves them!


  • 1 1/4 cup Nutella
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup all purpose flour


1. Grease a 9 x9 baking pan and preheat oven to 350F. Mix all ingredients into a large bowl with a large wooden spoon until batter is smooth. Pour into baking pan and smooth top with spatula.
2. Bake for about 15 minutes until toothpick inserted comes out clean. Careful not to bake too long otherwise brownies will dry out. Let brownies cool and set before cutting and serving.


bon appe-sweet, friends!


mother’s day gift ideas: wreaths

my friend kim is a local small business owner at craft + amity and designs these beautiful handmade wreaths.

if you know your mom would love a new wreath for her door, this limited edition mother’s day wreath is available to order until april 20th!


here are some of my other personal favorites below:



one of the most popular wreaths – kate middleton.


there’s just so much love that goes into each and every wreath.  support local small businesses!

place an order here if interested!

here are some other wreath ideas:


you could buy this pretty one here.

paper source has some wreath kits and i made this peony one last year.  the folding of the petals took some time but i knocked it out over a few nights of watching tv.


here is my finished product.

this one really stuck out to me as a unique and pretty wreath.  all you have to use are old white bedsheets, and she switches out the flowers easily based on the season.

April 2011 077

so simple, yet elegant and fun.


another beautiful paper wreath idea here.  so vibrant and would brighten up any room for spring!

mother’s day gift ideas: mason jars


i’ve rounded up some sweet gift ideas for mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters and wives for this upcoming mother’s day with something every household should have – a mason jar!

who couldn’t use some cute storage and office organization with these painted mason jars?  i love stripes and these spring colors are just plain fun!



love them…it’s time to go get some of this paint!

most women love flowers. but, what would make the flower giving even more special is a cute little vase with some sweet faces on it!


check out how to make this vase here.  i love the creativity that can happen with mason jars.


these succulents are screaming cuteness in these painted mason jars with added straws and notes for mom.


simple spray paint can do magic like this mason jar above.

know a special lady who loves to sew?  check out this sewing kit in a mason jar here.



here’s a way to personalize someone’s jar with some of their favorite beauty and skincare products.  you could throw in lotions, nail polishes, travel goodies, etc.


digging this nail polish holder and gift all in one.


i’ve been wanting to make granola.  a yummy treat for those sweet ladies in your life.

i’ll be back on thursday with some cute wreath gift ideas!