first day of school 2016


a few weeks ago, the twins started pre-k.  they are now considered the “big kids” in the busy bees classroom.  when this one grows up, she wants to be a princess. :)


meanwhile, this one told me he wanted to be darth vader.  not exactly where i was going with that question, but we were in a rush to get to school!


because photo shoots always go smoothly with 4 year olds. :)


love my sweet babies.  they are growing up so fast.


best buddies.


on school days, we have courtyard picnic lunches.  we were excited to reunite with our good friend miss ruth who works at the church on the same school property.


mommy packed a great lunch for them and just because it was the first day, i cut out little airplanes for their ham.  they told me that it was a classmate’s birthday (so of course they had all kinds of treats) and weren’t that hungry for lunch. (yay).


my leftovers for lunch in the car on the go.  don’t ask me what i was thinking putting it in a bowl and then a colander!  why didn’t i put it in a tupperware or a foogo container to hold it all in??  it held up surprisingly well.  #lifeofamomonthego


miss ruth used to be a kindergarten teacher so has lots of tips for mommy.  it’s always nice eating with her and catching up.


at 4.5, she loves books, ballet + tap dance, gymanastics, drawing, workbooks (homework), asking a ton of questions, and is a responsible little people pleaser because she loves doing chores (she loves surprising me and making my bed in the morning and will gladly do the same for her brother!).  she is one who experiences highs and lows at an “extreme” because she will reflect often on the “lows” (just like daddy) and can even cry again when thinking about them and retelling them to daddy.  she is definitely daddy’s girl and the boss aka “bigger sister”.


at 4.5, he loves books, star wars, pretend play (every morning he’s asking me to be the mommy animal), gymnastics, playing with legos, eating rice in all of its various forms (did someone say sticky rice?), humming star wars soundtrack songs, and doesn’t complain too often although when he’s tired he droops his little head to the side and walks around to show us he’s tired (and it kind of cracks us up).  he’s sweet, sensitive, and thoughtful.  he loves breakfast foods like mommy too.


waving goodbye to ruth as they saw her one more time.


wishing these little ones the best as they embark on another year of learning and growth!

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